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Online Education

Online Education

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Management announcement of DmbH Inst of Medical Science

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Digital Library and Free e-book/journals Provision for Persistent Study at Home

Dear Learners/Users, There are some digital libraries and free e-book/journal sites that may be of your help for a continuation of your library reference works at home during this period of lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic situation. The links are provided below.

1. National Digital Library (NDL) or
Please register and then login.
User name- [email protected]
Password- library
2. National Archives of India

Over 70,000 records are available for access.

2760969 online reference sources are available

3.Directory of Open Access Books

DOAB procured 27679 books from 379 publishers

4. Directory of Open Access Journals
5. The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine
8. Indian journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
9. Free Medical Journals
10. e-PG Pathshala

11.Medical journals of india

Online Newspapers

. Anandabazar Patrika (
. Bartaman Patrika (
. Eisamay (
. Employment News (
. The Statesman ( )
. Times of India (

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