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A Premier Pharmacy Institute in the Eastern Region
Admission Open (2022-23) | Student Feedback

Study at DmbH Institute of Medical Science

DmbH Institute of Medical Science sets the benchmarks of education with a system that matches the best of practices, theories, resources and standards all over the India and abroad.


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Diploma of Pharmacy

Course duration is 2 years. The course is of Yearly basis. In each year, students will have to face one theoretical and practical examination by the affiliating university (main exam). In some papers, there may not have any practical examinations.

Total Number of Seats: 60 seats

Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Course duration is 4 years. The course is totally semester based. In each semester students will have to face one theoretical and practical examination by affiliating University (MAKUT) for the Main examination. Other than these colleges will also conduct theoretical and practical examination which is called Internal examination and students should have a minimum 50% score for each subject which will be added in the final semester marks conducted by the University. For appearing in each semester examination students should have minimum 75% attendance

Total Number of Seats: 60 seats

Other Courses

Students Can Avail These Facilities

Life in DmbH Institute of Medical Science

Student Life


1.Well Equipped Laboratory.

2.Rich collection in Library.

3.Very well decorated class rooms.

4.Hi-Tech Computer Laboratory with all fecilities.

5.Very Hygienic, clean and all time ready college canteen.

As required the College is providing Animal House for students approved by Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), also providing Medicinal Garden facilities for learning of students. This garden has adequate medicinal plants. Further the college has a museum of Pharmaceutical products & related learning items. Besides this, the campus is under CCTV surveillance. Chilled drinking water & also aqua guards are available in campus for all. Students are informed by digital board for academic & related matters. The campus in under Fire Safety . Photo copy facility is available. The College is providing Wi-Fi facilities for students, faculties & others . The College has its provision to organize Parents / Guardian – College Authority Meeting, minimum 2 each year and attending of that meeting encourage the academic performance of students for best placement.

AICTE | Approval Information

DmbH Institute Of Medical Science
Dadpur, Puinan, Hooghy- 712305

Call: +91 76795 44237

Mail: dmbhims19@gmail.com / office@dmbhims.in / principal@dmbhims.in


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+91 7679544237

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