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DmbH Institute of Medical Science provides state-of-art laboratory facilities for enhancing conducive teaching – learning and research culture. The institution makes available sufficient infrastructure, equipments, computing facility as per requirements of various apex bodies like PCI, MAKAUT, WBSCT&VE&SD to enhance the practical skills of the students and always upgrade it as necessary. Total 12 laboratories with adjacent preparation rooms are available in three floors in the institution. In addition, Central Instrumentation room, Machine room and Aseptic room are also furnished with well equipped sophisticated instruments and pilot scale machinery generally available in pharmaceutical industries. All amenities / utilities such as gas supplies (compressed LPG, water) are provided maintaining all safety norms and 24×7 power supply are available in laboratories. The special attentions have been given on safety of students through installation of safety measure devices and fuming cupboard for handing of hazardous chemicals during experiments.

Department & LaboratoriesMajor Equipments AvailableGlimpse
Department of Pharmaceutics
Pharmaceutics Lab – I
Pharmaceutics Lab – II
Pharmaceutics Lab – III
Pharmaceutics Lab – IV
Tablet punching machine, tablet coater, Colloid mill, Disintegration test apparatus, Tray dryer, Ball mill, Laminar air flow bench, Filtration Assembly, Autoclave, BOD incubator, Stability chamber, Balances, pH meter, Lab stirrer, Vacuum Oven, Probe sonicator, Dissolution test apparatus, Centrifuge machine, Magnetic stirrer, Tablet disintegration apparatus, Conical percolator
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Chemistry – I
Pharmaceutical Chemistry – II
Pharmaceutical Chemistry – III
Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab
HPLC, UV Visible spectrophotometers, Colorimeter, Magnetic stirrer, Hot plate, Vacuum pump, Rota mantle, Deep Freezer, UV-Cabinet for TLC, Melting point apparatus, Digital balance, Double distillation unit, Muffle Furnace, Flame photometer, Melting point apparatus, Potentiometer, Conductometer, Nephelo-Turbidity meter, Polarimeter, Refractometer, Sonicator
Department of Pharmacology
Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Pharmacology Lab
Hutchinson’s spirometer, Plethysmometer, Autoanalyser, Organ Bath, Rotating Drum, Actophotometer, Telethermometer, Electroconvulsometer, Analgesiometer, Pole climbing apparatus, Student simulator
Department of

Pharmacognosy Lab
Hot air oven, Projection microscope, Microtome, Incinerator, Digital balance, simple & compound microscopes, Digital microscope, BOD, Incubator Vacuum pump, Sieve shaker, Vacuum oven, Digital balance
Machine RoomTablet coating machine, Tablet punching machine, Capsule filling machine, Ampoules washing machine, BOD Incubator, Humidity Chambers, Tray dryer, Hot Air Oven, Deep Freezer.
Model PharmacyComputer, Refrigerator, Designated patient counselling area, Patient Information Leaders/Cards, Patient waiting area, Drug Information books, Various devices for screening services (B.P. monitor, glucometer etc), Height and body weight chart, Dummy devices (eg. Inhalers), Display of pharmacist registration, license and other licenses, Inspection book.

Campus Address:
DmbH Institute Of Medical Science

Dadpur, Puinan, Hooghy- 712305
Call: +91 76795 44237
Mail: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Registered Address:
Haji Mohammed Ali Mondal Educational & Socio Welfare Trust

Road No. 29, Highway Supermarket, Dankuni, Hooghly 712 310, West Bengal
Tel. No.: +91 97480 60409
Mail: [email protected] / [email protected]