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Message From Principal

Message from Principal:

It is my proud privilege to address you all as the Principal, DmbH Institute of Medical Sciences. Pharmacy is one of the noblest professions in the world, in the healthcare sector, and we aim to provide education in the field of Pharmacy offering courses in D. Pharm and B. Pharm. Our goal is to produce well-groomed skilled professionals who would add value not only to the pharmaceutical industry but to the Pharmacy profession as a whole.

The Institute aims to provide advanced technology-equipped classrooms, rich collections of books in the library and well equipped labs for practical skill building. Further highly qualified, experienced and skilled faculty pool would guide the students from an amateur to a skilled professional. We aim to create an environment where the students, the faculty members and the staff would jointly grow and learn and face challenges together. I am in belief that, the College will be successful in achieving its objectives by generating genius, talent, and globally competent pharmacists and would achieve the status as “A Centre of Excellence in Pharmaceutical education”.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Dey


DmbH Institute Of Medical Science
Dadpur, Puinan, Hooghy- 712305

Call: +91 76795 44237

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