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Message From Director

Message from Director

The district Hooghly has a rich heritage from time immemorial. Before the inception of the British in Calcutta, a couple of European countries started their establishment in the eastern part of this district keeping the mark of signature of their Education, Culture, Art, Architecture and Craft. Now inheriting the heredity of those foreigners for more than three centuries together with the modern india’s embossed finger-print, we will have to do a lot of attempts and endeavours for the development of the district. Since the index of development of any nation is equated or measured with its upgraded position in Health we are giving emphasis on this education. The fact is that the total Pharmaceutical Arena in India is in a very remarkable position and by virtue of that our Hon’ble Chairman Sir & Hon’ble Secretary Sir have incepted this institution which needs the colossal cooperation of all of us to reign with majesty.

Prof. (Dr.) Madhusudan Ghosh

Director (Academic)

DmbH Institute Of Medical Science
Dadpur, Puinan, Hooghy- 712305

Call: +91 76795 44237

Mail: dmbhims19@gmail.com / office@dmbhims.in / principal@dmbhims.in