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About the Library

D m b H Institute of Medical Science Library is presently situated at the 1st floor of the building of the college. The Library is very rich in collection of books and journals related to pharmacy & allied health Sciences. At present there are 1047 books in the Library, books are published by the renowned Indian and overseas publishers and 3 International and 4 National Journals have enriched the Library as regular subscription. Library membership is compulsory and open access facilities are available.

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Mon – Fri : 10 AM – 4 PM
Government Holidays: Closed

Library Facilities

  • Internet facilities to the users.
  • Reprographic facilities to the users.
  • Open-source Library Management software Koha (18.05.10 version) customized by L2C2 Technologies has been used.
  • Wi-Fi connection & CCTV cameras in college library.

General Rules

  • Library Cards will have to be shown at the time of entering the library.
  • Non-members of the library shall have no access to the library.
  • Talking, smoking, sleeping & Tiffin taking are not allowed within the library premises.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed within the library premises.
  • The library cards are not transferable.
  • In the case of the damage to the library card for the first time, a duplicate one will be issued on payment at Rs-50/-.
  • At the time of entering the library, all personal belongings shall be deposited at the proper counter kept beside the library entrance and must be taken back when the depositor leaves the library.

Circulation Rules

  • Students will be allowed to borrow 3(three) books from the college library for a period of 15 days.
  • The permanent teachers/librarian will be allowed to borrow not more than 3(three) books at a time for a period of 15 (fifteen) days.
  • The library/laboratory attendants and Group D staff will be allowed to borrow not more than 2(two) books at a time for a period of 15 days.
  • Any student can renew his/her library book for 1 time for a period of 10 days.
  • Overdue charges for students will be Rs.5/- per day per book.
  • The reference books, journals, and career guidance books are not to be issued outside of the library.
  • The person held responsible for loss/ damage of library book shall be liable to pay off the library by replacing with a new copy i.e. current edition of the book lost, damaged if the book is not available in the market, he/she must pay the library twice the price of the original book.


 Vill & P.S – Dadpur, P.O. – Puinan,
Hooghly, Pin -712305

DmbH Institute Of Medical Science
Dadpur, Puinan, Hooghy- 712305

Call: +91 76795 44237

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